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M680 Vehicle Count and Classification

Designed to meet the demands of traffic data collection projects in various locations, the M680 detects vehicles as they pass over inductive loops embedded in the road surface. With unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and versatility the M680 can be used in both slow and fast moving traffic environments, making it perfect for both parking and general traffic applications.

M680 Vehicle Count and Classify System
360 product view


    • Latest generation inductive loop based count/classifier
    • A comprehensive range of configuration, connectivity and additional interface options
    • Simultaneous production of real time and historic information
    • Extremely low power consumption
    • Accurate vehicle algorithms to cater for vehicles straddling lanes
    • User friendly configuration and management application
    • GSM and GPRS communication options for remote data collection
    • Can be battery, mains or solar powered
    • Robust ergonomically friendly IP67 rated enclosure
    • Seamless integration with Insight data intelligence platform
    • Wide range of report formats through the Insight software including Binned and VBV surveys


    • Superior vehicle data capture accuracy
    • Rugged and reliable,flexible device that can be deployed in the harshest of environments
    • Reduced installation and life time costs through the use of solar power
    • Cost effective management through remote management and data collection
    • Insight connectivity drives simple, robust decision-making

    The M680 is the latest generation of traffic count/classification device based on inductive loop technology. Available in a variety of configurations and supporting a number of additional interface options, the M680 offers unparalleled flexibility from a single platform. From monitoring of a single lane traffic through to 8 lane motorways with both piezo sensors and inductive loops, the M680 is a versatile platform that support a vast range of applications including vehicle in/out counts from car parks, to comprehensive traffic flow monitoring through vehicle count and vehicle classification. The M680 captures vehicle count as well as Vehicle by Vehicle (VbV) data including class, direction, gap, speed, length, axle count, axle separation and headway.

    Thanks to its robust design and IP67 rated enclosure, the M680 delivers unrivalled levels of accuracy, reliability and ruggedness meaning you can be confident of year round operation. The M680 can collect data on each vehicle for scheduled, manual or real-time delivery over packet-based GPRS communications. Over 30 pre-defined axle and loop classification schemes including the 26- class UKNCC30 means the M680 can detect and classify a wide range of vehicle types from bicycles through to articulated lorries.

    The switch I/O card option can be used to control external devices such as Variable Messaging Signs, ANPR cameras, Barriers and Gates or any device that accepts contact closure input, ideal for use in car park management applications.

    Powered by a high capacity internal battery, the M680 can operate for up to 30 days without recharge or battery replacement. Alternatively, the M680 can be mains powered or driven by harvesting solar power from external solar panels, for permanent locations where it is neither possible or practical to tap into mains power.

    Data from the M680 can be fed directly into the Insight data intelligence platform, where the user can access a suite of tools to remotely manage devices, data collection, reporting and analysis all with a simple fully responsive browser based interface. When combined with the M680, Insight's traffic count & classification module provides a unique end to end solution for the management and delivery of real-time transport network data and its transformation into graphical user intelligence presented as powerful user dashboards that support decision-making. Using the parking management module, asset managers can use these same dashboard tools to understand and manage car park capacity and VMS signage.

    The TMU Mk2 Vehicle Counter is a similar product that is dedicated for use with the Highways England Traffic Data protocol. It is designed specifically for Highways England and those managing the Highways England network and delivers data directly to the National Traffic Information Service (NTIS).

    Software for use in conjunction with the M680 is available for download on our resources page.

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