The Smart City and Intelligent Mobility

Our vision of how cities can become smarter by tackling 4 main themes of intelligent mobility:

Welcome to the Smart City


Promoting safer cycling and maintaining signalised junction efficiencies

Improved cyclist safety at traffic junctions by uniquely detecting the presence of a bicycle.

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Real-time business intelligence direct from the roadside

Remote data collection, device management, data processing, reporting & analysis.

Insight Traffic Data Management


The smarter way to park and manage parking

Wireless vehicle detection offering highly accurate detection with robust communication.

Product Specification Sheet - M300

Traffic Management Systems

The tools  for efficient, sustainable traffic monitoring

Equip yourself with the tools for  precise, efficient traffic data collection with Golden River's Marksman range.



Designed specifically by traffic engineers for traffic engineers, systems are reliable and accessible – from installation, traffic data collection to analysis.

Monitor, count and classify traffic flows with a temporary or long-term vehicle counter and vehicle classifier; prevent weak structures from deteriorating with a Weigh-In-Motion system or count cars and bikes with a solar powered logging stud.

An extensive range of loop counters and radar counters can be installed, for vehicle count and classification, whenever, wherever ensures feedback is targeted and specific to independent project parameters.

Our M100 Wireless Vehicle Detection system also saves time, money and negates the need to disrupt traffic flows since there’s no loop cutting or trench ducting involved. It’s traffic signal control at its most efficient and cost effective.

Our new Insight data management platform is a modular system that enables road operators to maximise the value out of the data they receive from roadside equipment, making data analysis and reporting user friendly and readily shareable.

Latest News


Clearview Traffic Keeps Bus Station Customers Safe and Warm
Clearview Traffic keeps bus station customers safe and warm in Consett and Stanley in County Durham.
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Clearview Traffic Gains UK Highways Agency Approval For Wireless Vehicle Detection For MIDAS
Clearview Traffic Group have now gained formal HA Approval for its M100 sensors and M150 interface card to be used as a viable alternative to inductive loops for MIDAS applications.
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Case Studies


M100 - MOVA traffic signal detection - Erskine Bridge, Scotland
MOVA Traffic Signal Detection keeps busy bridge moving and improves safety

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