Reducing uncertainty and delays on the road network

Intuitive, cost effective and sustainable traffic data monitoring solutions to ensure smooth traffic control

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Smart Parking Solutions

Wireless Vehicle Occupancy Detection Systems for Smarter Parking


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IRS2 Intelligent Hardwired Road Studs

Light the way at the Sheriffhall Roundabout in Edinburgh


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The Smart City and Intelligent Mobility

Our vision of how cities can become smarter by tackling 4 main themes of intelligent mobility:

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Driving safety and data solutions


Clearview Traffic brings together over 60 years of combined road safety and traffic data collection expertise in our multi-award winning brands:
Astucia and Golden River

These brands are known and respected worldwide as pioneers and leaders in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), delivering innovative solutions that help reduce casualties on the world’s roads, reduce congestion and safely increase the capacity and effectiveness of road networks.

Each brand specialises in a distinct area:

  • Astucia – The market innovator for intelligent road studs, which are smart, safe and sustainable
  • Golden River – A leader in the field of automated traffic counting, classifying and intelligent transport systems (ITS) integration.

Astucia's innovative road safety products are designed to reduce road accidents and reduce road casualties; products include our three times' HMEA award winning SolarLite road studs, proven to reduce night-time road accidents dramatically by 70%.

Golden River's Marksman products offer a uniquely diverse range of vehicle detection and traffic data collection solutions with excellent accuracy, reliability and durability - ranging from vehicle counter classifiers, wireless vehicle and bicycle detection systems at traffic signals, parking bay occupancy detection, journey time monitoring, congestion monitoring and weigh-in-motion systems.

Working alongside handpicked industry leading local partners in over 60 countries, including Australia, South Africa, North America, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Italy and parts of Scandinavia, and open to collaborating with others and integrating 3rd party technologies, we can design and implement highly tailored bespoke solutions to ensure that our customers receive the most relevant solutions to meet their needs.

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Updated Main Application Software for M680 & M720 - v2.7.1973

A new version of the MLink Software - Version 1.7.183

A new version of the TrafficDot Configuration Software - Version 2.10.3

We're recruiting more engineers for our R&D team! 

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Clearview Traffic takes to the road this autumn
Clearview Traffic takes to the road this Autumn and will once again be holding a series of UK Road Shows.
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Studs Light The Way At Sheriffhall Roundabout in Edinburgh
The first of its kind in the UK, the installation at the Sheriffhall roundabout in Edinburgh uses the IRS2 intelligent hardwired road stud to increase driver awareness and improve lane discipline on and off the roundabout.
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